Academic Partners

If you are a research team within EXTEND’s Academic Partners, to apply you just need to contact your relative TTO. Together with the EIR, the TTO will guide you through the application process, making sure that the Project possesses the minimum characteristics to be eligible for funding and identifying any relevant IP right. Once this preliminary check is concluded, the proposal is officially submitted to EXTEND by sending the module you can find at this link to the EIR.

At this point, the Board of EXTEND, which meets every month, will take under consideration your proposal for a first assessment and, if deemed valuable, it approves the start the beginning of the due diligence process.

The due diligence phase involves the main experts in every scientific area through Evotec’s network and through a Scientific Advisory Board and an Informative Management Committee as outlined in the Teams section. The due diligence phase lasts at most 3 months.

Once the 3 months are passed, or before, EXTEND’s Board decides whether to finance the Project or not based on its complete Project evaluation analysis. The Projects can receive up to 1.5 milion euros of funding which is given in tranches and divided between the university and the selected scientific partner for the Project’s development.

Other Universities and Research Centres

For all those academic centres that are not within the Hub’s Academic Partners, there is still the possibility to apply through an open call at the national level. The approval process is the same as the one mentioned above, with the only difference being the type of Projects that can apply since only start-ups that are already, or ready to be, incorporated can apply.

When the open call will be made available, please refer to this page.

Application Form